Tuesday, August 2, 2011


hi everybody.
i know no one looks at this anymore.
but thats ok.
i miss some of you.
the good times of laughing &
chit chatting,
and talking stories.
we def need a friend reunion :)
that'd be great.
just like old times.

i hope you are all doing great in whatever you're doing
& you're enjoying life.
miss yous.


Monday, January 3, 2011


This is my last post.

I'm not posting anymore after this one.

So happy new years girls.

Love you all.


Monday, December 13, 2010

Roommate Christmas! :)

Okay guys I'm taking time from studying (haha..not studying ;)) to post something on the blog. Last Sunday we did roommate Christmas!!! It was a lot of fun. I love watching people open up presents :D

McKenna's present was a mug with her name definition on it. So cute!

Natalie got a bunch of random stuff! (dont read the cup Newman or Nikki ;)) She got a cup, coasters, earings and white board.

Lindsay got a mug with filled with Reese's and a Starbucks card

JannaLyse got a book on Mom's (we call her mom) and a gift card to scrapbook store..oh and a music note chocolate.

Lauren also got a ton of stuff! She got a blanket, sweater, and 3 movies!

I look like crap...but I got a heart spoon (it says made with love), heart measuring spoons with cute sayings on them, and a CLEAR UMBRELLA!! :D

Chirstmas threw up in the living room!

I bought these bubbles thinking they were normal bubbles but OH NO!! They dont pop so you can play with them...they were EVERYWHERE!!! In our hair, on the furniture, on the floor, on the tv...they didnt pop forever..NOT AN INSIDE TOY!

Well there is my nifty story. I'm avoiding studying for finals...I just want them to be over!! I don't care anymore lol. I miss you all!!! I'm so excited to be home for Christmas!!! :) I hope I get to see you all sometime soon.
- Nikki

Sunday, December 12, 2010

Christmas is almost here! :)

Fun Writing in the snow
We drew names and had our Christmas Party this weekend! Love the Santa Sack haha
Me and Erianne discovered a new sport... parking lot surfing and we are pros!
Waiting for our other roomie to get home so the party could start
Rafi made us a traditional Yule Log Cake for dessert... very tasty!
Beds out, Jamies On, Dessert Ready, Presents out... let the party begin! :)

Santas Little Helpers! :) Nikki and I dressed up and went all around to the boys apartments at Nauvoo and did all their dishes and took out their trash! It was way fun and great service activity and also good way to get out of the house! Merry Christmas boys! ;)

Sara and Syd, i agree it has been a long time since someone posted... good job chicas! I hope everyones finals are going great. I am ready to scream but I of course will make it through till thursday and then FREEDOM!! Wa stinkin hooo! :) So excited for the break! I cant wait to see all of you again! Good luck with school, i will pray for you all! MERRY CHRISTMAS (almost)
Luv ur guts
-Newman :)

Thursday, December 9, 2010

Ok Biggs

Just because I'm bored & nobody does anything & I'm a stalker like you.
Here it goes:

I went to the Laker vs. Jazz game. Fun! Ya, they mighta lost, but it's all good. It was pretty cool. My 2nd NBA game. & I had family that worked the food places, so we got discounted food & drinks...because those things are soo expensive.
I saw this & thought it would be fun to put up a throwback picture.
Sorry everybody's not in it.
I think it was after bowling Jr. year.
Oh the fun times of High School.

Hope you guys have a Merry Christmas or a Happy Holiday & a Happy New Year too!


Wednesday, December 8, 2010

You guys are boring,

So this was like a month ago...actually over a month but I thought I would add something and then maybe it would make you guys add stuff too because you are all super boring to
stalk on facebook. None of you even do anything.

Anyways, this was Erika's birthday party ish thing but we dumped like five gallons of ice cream on the table and covered it with cherries and chocolate syrup and carmel and then had like 20 people dig in. And then I did this to Erika. And then she got me. But I got her so much better so I all satisfied.

Up there I feel like is just a classic embarrassing Sara picture. As you can see I still have my tonsils. Oh and I basically live in their apartment. Seriously, it's probably not healthy but oh well.

So ya this is me...ish. YOU GUYS BETTER POST STUFF NOW!!!!!

Sunday, November 28, 2010

13 Randoms things

1. I am going into occupational therapy.
2. I have never broken a bone.
3. I like wearing boxer.
4. I like hanging out with people with disabilities.
5. I have never like macaroni and cheese.
6. I have never dye my hair.
7. I love wearing sweat pants.
8. I have 7 scares.
9. I am wanting to travel to Africa.
10. I have an exchange student from Germany named Lisa and she looks like she could be my sister.
11. I have never been taller than 5 feet and 2 inches.
12. I have had to wear a uniform for school.
13. I don't like to sewing.

I miss you all a ton!!!! I love you.


Saturday, November 27, 2010

Lets Make Plans!!

We should plan a big party for us.. and make sure everyone can be there on what ever day and what ever time we all plan together!

What do you all say?


Friday, November 19, 2010


so i figured i better get on this and do my 13 dirty little secrets as my inciation(sp?)
to the bloggin club...

  1. I am recently addicted to frozen yogurt at only 33 cents an ounce.
  2. I'm kind of burnt out from school and never really got back into the groove this semesster
  3. the reason i never post anything is because I didn't know how to sign in
  4. most of you already know this... but brown people particularly boys are intimidating to look at, so i just look down or all around except for at them.
  5. i am afraid i'm loosing time going to college opposed to staying home and being with family particularly papa
  6. i don't know what i want to major in anymore because chemical engineering is opposite of the pretty picture i had painted
  7. living with biggs makes me feel happy and comfortable as if i am in high school all over again with everyone
  8. wish i could be more social and willing to go out of my comfort zone of friends and meet at least one new person a day
  9. am craving my drivers license .... BADLY but don't know how to start the process of getting my license
  10. i know how to make quarter lei's but have been sworn to secrecy on the "how to's" so for next graduation... i'll be prepared
  11. don't like odd numbers because i am the second child... and i believe their are specific personalities for the placement of a child in the sibling line up
  12. i tresspassed with my cousin in hawaii and swam in some older couples swimming pool while they were out and then ran home when we heard their car. and told my dad we were just playing around with the hose outside.
  13. am afraid that i will be attacked by a vampire one night, and then i could be way fast and not have to sleep and be the bomb at school.

whoo 13 is a lot... most of it is just rambling/space filler

but none the less i still feel so accomplised finally posting something

love everyone HEAPS

bbbuurroookie crisps

Tuesday, November 16, 2010

spurts or something like that

so it may just be me.. but I swear we get just random spurts or sprees of blogging..
i don't know.. i think it is funny though.. one day i'll get on and there will be nothing. then a few days later there are like 4 or 5 post.. then a few days or week goes by and the same thing happens.

So.. Harry Potter is coming.. PREMIERE
i'm pretty excited...

Miss you all tons!!!! and pretty excited to see every one again hopefully sometime soon!! really soon!


Friday, November 12, 2010

Followin the crowd...Thirteen Things

Yep. Here I go.

1. I'm supposed to be at just about my best friend's (best friend that's here in Provo) party right now but I'm not. What's new.
2. I'm watching What Not To Wear and oh man do I wish someone would turn me in because my clothes are really that bad and I want a makeover. Bad.
3. I'm in the Relief Society Presidency here in my ward and I'm pretty much the luckiest person because I get to share my testimony just about every week. I'm not proud to say that I usually cry when I teach or bear my testimony. And that makes everyone else cry. Not so great.
4. There's a boy : ) or a few boys : ) but we'll see but I don't think anything is going anywhere because....
5. I'm going to Ukraine in January. I wasn't going to tell anyone about anything until everything was totally finalized but ya...there ya go.
6. Rooming with Brookie makes me happy. : )
7. I have been eating non stop for the past week, maybe week and a half and because of that I have gained ten pounds even though I run almost every night. ya...I know. Sounds like me don't it?
8. I haven't been going to hardly any of my classes...at all...for weeks. This week I went to one class. Ya...I know. Classic Biggs.
9. I'm starting to get scared out of my mind for Ukraine. It's a good thing I haven't seen 'Taken' or I don't think I would be going to Europe to live on my own without a phone or consistent Internet access for 5 months. Oh jeeze, wow, this is going to be intense.
10. In two years, I will be teaching...with a salary...unless I take another semester off.
11. Well...I guess we'll get a little more personal now. A couple weeks ago I had a break down...because of my severe depression and anxiety. Yup. I'm not perfect and it kills me.
12. I talk to at least one of my parents for probably an hour a day. That doesn't include the time I spend talking to Tessa, Jenny, Amy, and of course Sara.
13. Everyone has been getting into relationships lately and I hate change so it hasn't been going to well for me. If one of you gets into a relationship and I find out about it I might just blow. Not kidding.

K like everyone else I love you guys a lot and I miss you and I miss the past...the future is hard. Really hard. I'm bad at it too. Love you guys! Now I'm gonna try to go party and put on a happy face for people...my favorite thing. Not. Luckily I'm almost decent at it. Oh man sorry I've gone into detail about my life. Yuck! I hate telling about myself! Luckily there is A LOT more that none of you know or will ever know...even snewmie newmie. K love you ALL and think about how you guys have made me who I am : )

Biggsy Wiggsy fee fi fo Figgsy

My turn! 13 game thingy! :)

HELLO CHICA LEEKAS! :) So, in case you wanted to know 13 random things here ya go haha I loved reading all of yours! Mine are not as exciting but here ya go...

1- I am on my bed right now eating tortilla chips.
2- I have a huge test coming up and I 100% have to do awesome on it cuz a lot is riding on it.
3- Rexburg dryness hates me and my poor skin and made my left hand all rashy and dry while my right hand is very nice and smooth... very random and weird.
4-I am coming home to Utah next week! Thank goodness for Thanksgiving! :)
5-At this moment I am texting Nicoe about Sonic haha
6-I got a new scholarship for next semester, wahoo!
7-Speaking of new semester, I will be staying in the frozen tundra over winter considering I got into the nursing program! :)
8-I miss you all like crazy and wish we could do something fun at this exact moment!
9-Tired of the tortilla chips, here comes pop tarts... how nutritious of me i know! haha
10- My socks are red and definitely do not match my purple shirt.... sorry Nikki!
11-I am getting 5 new roommates next semester cuz all mine are leaving which makes me extremely sad!
12-Me and Nikki are still pro at laughing uncontrolably over random things and I love it. Always makes my day! We have been especially good at that lately right before bed!
13-I am on a battleship team! It is so fun to play and even funnier to watch! :)

I miss you all and luv ur guts even more! I hope you are all doing absolutely positively fabulous! Have a great weekend, do something fun, or study, or both!
-Newman :)

Wednesday, November 10, 2010

13 Things About Me Game!!

Haha, so I figured I had better take part in this game! I don't know if I can come up with 13 random things, but we'll have to see!

1) I have a picture of my "boyfriend" Josh. (No I don't consider him a boyfriend, just a close friend right now) ;)

2) I officially hate the cold! It's been 30 degrees here in Cedar City for about a week now and I'm hating it! Normally I welcome the cold but lately I haven't been too overjoyed about it.

3) My new favorite movie is How to Train Your Dragon, I am absolutely in LOVE with that movie!

4) The freaking hot tub at my apartment is broken and I am so angry because I wanted to go hot tubbing with my roommates tonight! Grrr....

5) I'm applying for the Occupational Therapy Master's Program at the U in a month, and I am on track to be accepted! Meaning I finished my job shadowing hours, took the GRE, got certified in CPR and First Aid, and I have/am taking all the prereqs. (cross your fingers!)

6) I totally wooped a bunch of guys at Risk on Sunday and felt really proud of myself. (They all thought they were the bomb at it until a girl kicked their trash! World domination baby!)

7) I am getting SUPER excited to go skiing this winter with my sisters during Christmas break.

8) I'm extra proud of myself because I have only spent around $40 a month on food, and I am surviving financially.

9) My apartment was officially called the Crack House. We even wrote it on our window with window crayons! (It's a long story)

10) It's 10:17 PM here (I'm running out of ideas!)

11) I learned in Institute yesterday that people live on the Sun.

12) I have food storage in bins under my bed that could last me a month or two. Lol

13) I miss you all SOOOOO much!! We need to get together again!! :)

I love you all, and miss you TONS!

-Hi Larry

Tuesday, November 9, 2010

13 Randomness of Fun

Guess what! All of my two midterms are over and now there is 4ish weeks of school/anatomy left. HHOORRAAYY!!

here it goes..

1) I suck at coming with things on the spot. Like this game, and especially conversations, they are the worst. I'll have a conversation one day and then the next I'll think of something to say to the conversation the day befor.

2) Just found out my blood type diet. I should be eating liver and dear meat and some other stuff I've never heard. Ya, the liver and deer meet, NOT GOING TO HAPPEN!

3) I am currently iron deficiency anemic.

4) I am getting my CNA in december and hopefully getting a job with it.

5) I went through some severe speech therapy growing. This is because I got to many ear infections, which destoryed my speech.

6) If it wasn't for lizbeth being her... I could probably bet, I wouldn't know any of you now and would not be the person I am now.

7) I'm missing my birthday this year, due to my CNA course.

8) I have communication problems or so i think. At least with my parents.

9) I'm one of my families puppy's favorite. :) She will follow everywhere just but all the time. She also loves underwear, weird. She is so funny. You guys have to see her, she is a great puppy!

10) Me and Robbie are getting married. Just not untill one of us is finacially stable. We have actually had this decided for a while now.

11) For those that don't know. I have pierced my ear in the upper area in the cartilage.

12) I cheap when it comes to shopping. I am also not a fan of shopping. But it is slowly growing on me.

13) Finally!!! There are people in my anatomy class that are trying to get me talk louder and be louder. haha

Oh I meant to one more fact of I'm a primary teacher for ctr 5 but may be going to sunbeams.

Oh my.. I thought that was never going to end. That was almost like a nightmare but not quite. If I had to do anymore randomness facts.. I probably would have died.

I Miss You All Too! I'll see some of you guys soon..


Saturday, November 6, 2010

so.. as soon as i finish taking my lecture midterm that i am more in likely going to fail, along with everyone else who is taking it. I'll be back on track to blogging and doing vina's game..

So, i just tried donating blood an hour ago. and I was turned away for the SECOND time.. :(
I have iron deficiency. My iron was a 35 and it has to be at least a 38 to donate. so sad.

Well, i have to go to a funeral other wise this would be longer. I'll be back to blogging soon.


Friday, November 5, 2010

I'M gonna play this game thing vina started cause I LUUUUUUFFF IIIIIT

1. I tend to be more closer with the, i guess you can say "less righteous" folks. I guess I do it because I hate those "self righteous" wannabes who ignore the fact they have faults as well and so they ignore the "less righteous". hehe

2. there's 3 of you 9 that I trust, but don't take offense because I have the HARDEST time with trusting people. Give me time.

3. I can't believe I became friends with Newman, to this day I can't believe I actually talked to her. Truth be told I didn't even notice her until I saw her name...then I was thrilled

4. I really do like all kinds of music, even that hard core rock, old classics, country, instrumental solos, etc. I'm very open-minded when I choose to be, and very ignorant by accident

5. I really don't know anymore if I'm gonna marry a whiteboy or a honkypoly LOL cause honestly I care too much about losing my culture :) God is playing with my mind, watch me marry a black guy, AND I HATE BLACK GUYS. nothing racist, i just hate their sexual comments, the perverts

6. My mom and I don't get along. She's overbearingly negative about everything and she only sits and waits for me to mess up without a warning. I love her but I don't at the same time. But my mom is a workaholic, and to that I'm very grateful for her.

7. I love you girls all the same. If any of you think I put Chae above you, and if it seems that way, its only because I feel like none of you guys are even making an effort to comfort her. And we need to all be there for each other.

8. I'm sorry to say this, but I'm whitewashed. At least I believe so, and I miss hanging out with my kind. Its the fact that white people don't joke the same way as polys do, most of the time polys don't even laugh at the same things whites do, and I'm a deeply cultured person and some things yall do i just don't agree with. hehehe

9. I keep a good updated journal. I sound like a boy- crazy person in it but that's only cause I'm extremely uncomfortable and untrusting about talking of guys I like. I talk about the latest news, the government, the family, my crushes, my day and the people in it, and sometimes I even write advice to my future readers

10. I'm driving without a license now, I still hate it. I'm good actually, and I'm not scared ( only cautious)

11. Since I've been in America " I've never seen so many buttcracks in my life", as my sister says. So Americans need to pull their panties up. I've never known such things as atheist, pornography, estasy, and laws. Cause no one in the islands has problems with living within the law. So much bad things in life I never knew, I wish i never knew.

12. I love cleaning, I just hate cleaning my own house. I'm very good with babies, I can make them sleep within minutes (I have the touch). I like to think one day I'll adopt a baby of my own before I get married ( he/she can help me point out those judging jerks)

13. My whole life I've only had three friends that were girls, all others were guys. I was rough and energetic about life and the girls were into showing off and sitting properly. So i played rugby, literally got my hands dirty at times, and I even played a war game with the guys and we used BBguns. :) I was a tomboy and I never noticed it til now. Funny thing is, those old guy friends I once knew are hitting on me. Weird

I miss you all. I'm so excited for the christmas exhanges. I have a brilliant idea that has something to do with doing something every 3 years. I miss the laughs, and the glances at each other when Jacob steps up to the table, and me and Nicoe messing around in lab, me and brooke figuring out stuff with her indecisive self, and sinny keeping me up to date with every juicy gossip and etc, and just all a yall


Thursday, November 4, 2010

The Game...

The way you said that Vina reminded me of the movie Saw.
Okay so here it goes:

1. I THINK I might be one of the people that knows a 'Vina secret.'

2. I have my own blog. Started it late September.

3. I miss sitting & hanging in the yearbook room doing math, yearbook, not doing yearbook, playing tetris, watching youtube videos & being way too loud from laughing, and all the above.

4. I like musicals. Camp & Grease have to definitely be one of the tops.

5. I've always wanted to go see a play & an opera & a ballet.

6. In 7th grade, I went to anger management.

7. You guys are totally the opposite of my other friends from Mt. Jordan Middle & Jordan High. In 7th grade we were all friends, in 8th grade it split but I always was friends with both sides, & in 9th it was 'The Stoners' & I guess you could say 'The Popular' group. I was closer to the stoner/drinker group though. NONE of my friends were LDS. I had LDS acquaintances, for instance, if I had no friends in a class, they were the ones I'd talk to and stuff. And you can think whatever you want about labels & stuff, but these people were always great in school! They had better grades than me, but who doesn't. And, they never asked or peer pressured me in to trying drugs or drinking. [personal choice]

8. Oh, and I hung out with a lot of Mexican/Hispanics so a lot of people thought I was hispanic, and those who stereotype on here, I wore hoops EVERYDAY! So that made people think I was even more. haha if you don't get it, than its ok, good for you.

9. I'm failing all but one college class as of right now. Which has never happened. The only class I ever failed was 7th grade honors reading, & that's because I didn't get enough A.R. points because the books I liked weren't A.R. reading. [A.R.=accelerated reading]

10. A while ago I started getting in to independent films & drama's & old victorian movies. The stuff you don't see commercialized or at main theaters. They're actually really good. I would suggest some, but most are rated R, but there are good PG-13 one's too.

11. Until I started driving, I was so scared to order my own food. Like fast food stuff if we went inside, or restaurants.

12. I'm like an OCD clean freak!

13. I'm going to get a tattoo!

And here's a little extra. I hate being center of attention and I almost got kicked out of my house in middle school.


Fell off the Face of the Earth

Sorry everyone, I entirely forgot about this blog that we had going on! I briefly fell off the face of the earth, but I am back now, safe and sound! So, a little update on my life since I haven't been on here ever....

SUU has been great, I have loved the school and my classes have been going well. My anatomy class has tried to beat me down a couple times but I stand triumphant!

I am proud to say that I have been navigating the entire town of Cedar City on a bike (I don't even have a car here), and that because of it I have lost 10 pounds already! Whoop, Whoop!

I finally went on my first date about the third week into school, and I have been on many dates since then with the same guy, his name is Josh by the way. :)

I just went fishing yesterday for the first time in about 5 years with Josh and caught 9 fish! We let all but one of them go, and then we cooked it up last night and had a delicious dinner.

Well, that's about it for now, but I swear from now on out I will be following this blog and posting! I'm excited that I have found it again!

-Hi Larry Hickman

Let's play a game!

Hello world.
I haven't been up to much. Just studying, homework/studying, and boyfriend time. That's about it. Nothing special has gone on, well besides the fact I'm not really talking to my family because apparently they decided I'm not part of the family anymore 'cause all I do is homework. But that is a LONG story. I have a test EVERY MONDAY this month. Totally sucks. Oh, and I've had like 4 doctor appointments this week, I hate it....

I think we should play a game on here and I decided that we are going to do a
'13 Random Facts That Most of Us Didn't Know'. Sound good? Good :) I'll go first

1. I miss you girls quiet terribly. I'm falling apart - literally - without you guys.

2. I suffer from moderate allergies, minor asthma, and moderate - severe depression.

3. I live 3 separate lives. My School Life, My Love Life, and My At Home Life. I try to keep them all separate from each other, except somehow my love life gets mixed in with my life at home.

4. It's currently 9:01AM and I should be doing my homework except I decided to blog since I haven't done so in a long time (and I really don't feel like doing my homework just yet)

5. Tariq decided that our theme song is Black and Yellow by Wiz Khalifa. You can youtube it, or just read the lyrics. That song is a really dumb song. Made me wanna make my own song about the colors Blue and Green.

6. I need a job. My mommy decided to stop giving me money and my dad has decided after this year, he will no longer pay my $20 cell phone bill.

7. I miss Sydney & Elizabeth & Nicole's jokes that just went over everyone's head haha

8. I miss Biggs & Newmans & Chae's Randomness on the daily and Nikki's little conversations about fruits and vegetables ;)

9. I miss Brooke planning out my entire life for me and I miss Brie's random advice about life.

10. 3 out of the 9 I still talk to know a secret - except they're all different secrets that I will eventually tell everyone one day before anything else happens haha

11. I'm gonna start my own publishing company after I'm done with school. I'm still thinking of names, so suggestions would be nice :)

12. It's now 9:12AM...

13. Last, I miss you girls a freaking lot.

Love, Vina/Shorty/Heightee hahahaha :)

Monday, November 1, 2010

MY FAMILY IS HERE FROM AUSTRALIA. (grandma, aunty valu and her husband and my new cousin Jeriah)
my aunty makes the australian accent sound like paradise music to the ears LOL. I'm going to learn it, and then prank call as much people as possible.
Sinny, Chae, and Vina: you homos contact me so we can hang out cause I leave for Cali friday morning :) I miss you guys and everyone else